Cole Haan's Latest Advertising Campaign

Cole Haan's Latest Advertising Campaign

Cole Haan

Cole Haan is ditching the traditional fashion advertising playbook.

The premium fashion brand's latest campaign is a departure from typical fashion ad campaigns, with its ads living not on glossy magazine pages but on podcasts, native ads and digital streaming services instead.

"Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Stories" centers around fashion models and mentor-mentee duo Christy Turlington Burns and Karlie Kloss. It focuses not just on their relationship with each other but also their passions beyond fashion that make them extraordinary, whether it is Burns' Every Mother Counts

initiative or Kloss' Kode with Klossy


"At a time when more than a third of our sales come from online channels and half of those sales come from mobile, we had to rethink our strategy," David Maddocks, Cole Haan's Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager of Business Development told Business Insider. "It was important for us to reach our consumers where they already are."

Much of this target demographic, specifically young, affluent females, practically live online, so it made commercial Enatimedia sense for the brand to meet them there. That is why the bulk of the campaign's media plan focuses on content integrations with newsletters and podcasts that the brand has deemed to have an empowerment-oriented tone and female cult-followings.